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Best Arabic OCR Software for the best Enterprise in UAE

DocumentERA is the best and accurate OCR software Plugin in Dubai and UAE with a highest accuracy level of 99%. The intelligent dynamic document capture makes the life easy of enterprises to identify semi structured and un structured document formats. The software can be plugged-in to your existing application easily and seamlessly.

Which all Industry can benefit from DocumentERA Arabic / English OCR
Financial Institutions
Government Departments
Legal Departments
Academic Institutions
Media Houses

Why should you use DocumentERA OCR

The Future of Intelligent Document conversation
Highest accuracy of 99%

DocumentERA OCR is having the highest accuracy rate among the Arabic OCR available in Dubai and UAE. Even for low quality documents documentERS process 96% of accuracy level.

Intelligent assessments of document types and data

DocumentERA OCR software comes with a set of predefined rules for processing for specific types of documents, such as sales orders, UAE Emirates ID. User can set additional new document types and layouts.

Dynamic Document Capture Technology

DocumentERA is the only OCR plugin Dubai and UAE having the dynamic document capture technology. Dynamic Document Capture allows intuitive rule customization via a server-based graphical interface. DocumentERA uses logic, keywords, relative positions and business rules to allow relevant document data to be extracted.

Intelligent page layout decomposition

Relevant document header, footer and line item information can be extracted regardless of document layout or number of pages. The validity of the extracted data is automatically cross-checked according to predefined scenarios, and against company databases when necessary. This additional business intelligence and logic ensures that accuracy of the capture does not only rely on OCR technology to manage documents such as scanned or faxed images. DocumentERA Intelligently analyses of the layout of the documents and provides the best data extractions for our clients in Dubai and entire UAE.

Other Benefits
  • Intuitive rule customization for each type of docs via web based graphical interface
  • Automated Process
  • Manage validations steps in the data workflow
  • Through a web interface admin and end users have the ability to improve recognition conditions or optimize document identification during document validation
  • Efficiency in data search and retrieval
  • Ability to look for positions related to key information’s in docs
  • Enhance security of business data and documents
  • Arabic/English OCR
  • Read docs from any scanners, fax, email, files
  • Support various formats – PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF etc.
  • Automation of Structured, Semi Structured and Unstructured document formats
  • Recognizes content and data in image file
  • Direct data entry into ERP systems
  • Routing, Indexing & Achieving of inbound documents
  • Document distribution and auditing