DocumentERA – Document Management and Achieving System (DMS)

Best Arabic OCR Software for the best Enterprise in UAE

DocumentERA is the best and accurate OCR software Plugin in Dubai and UAE with a highest accuracy level of 99%. The intelligent dynamic document capture makes the life easy of enterprises to identify semi structured and un structured document formats. The software can be plugged-in to your existing application easily and seamlessly.

DocumentERA is the advanced Document Management and Achieving System (DMS) in UAEcombined with most modern features.

This is one of the best DMS in Dubai with Arabic and English Web Interface and also having built in OCR with Arabic and English language.

Why our clients in UAE preferring DocumentERA as the best DMS
  • Web and Windows Interface
  • Bilingual interface (English & Arabic)
  • Inbuilt OCR in Arabic and English Language
  • Document Capture & Management: Centralize paper documents & electronic files and access them with one familiar interface from all workstations in your office
  • Create Repository based on Projects/Departments
  • Integrated scanning interface that allow seamless capture of paper documents. Speed up complex scanning jobs with multiple scan profiles and batch scanning
  • Index fields: HTML Textbox, Radio button, Counter (Prefix / Suffix start number, increment), Date, Text, Dropdown, List, Nested Dropdown / List (n level)
  • Index Group: For Search. Provision to define access/visibility/edit right for each field in the group
  • Date format available with user level that will be inherited across the application
  • Assign groups of custom index fields (text, numeric or date) called ‘Document Types’ to folders and files allowing you to identify and search for folders and files based on index field values
What are the Benefits of DocumentERA DMS
  • Feature rich enterprise class Desktop and Online Document Management System
  • Cloud-ready while still on your own servers, so you are in full control of your data
  • Enhances collaboration among teams and eases sharing with associates outside your organization
  • Offers Version Control, Audit Trail, Auto backup etc. required for regulatory compliance
  • It is robust and flexible, making it suitable for any size or type of business
  • Adopted by all industry segments including IT, Healthcare, Finance, Legal, Construction, Public Sector, Manufacturing and more
  • Easier-to-use and more budget-friendly compared to other DMS solutions
With DocumentERA enterprise document management you can
  • Control your enterprise content
  • Collect information from any digital source
  • Collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects
  • Empower organizations to capitalize on accumulated knowledge by locating documents, experts, and information sources
  • Enterprise content management features
  • Manage digital content
  • Manage documents
  • Search with document Meta-Data / document contents or any other attribute
  • Define / rename unlimited number of fields for each document type any time
  • Strong compression mechanism to save storage space
  • OCR makes documents searchable in both English and Arabic
  • Mobile devices ready for handling documents from any device anywhere

Features of DocumentERA DMS

Document Input
  • Full fledge document scanning tool
  • Email
  • Manual Upload
  • Bulk Upload / Upload Files in Batches
  • Automated Process for Mass Uploading
  • Upload files by Drag and Drop
  • Upload any file
  • Annotation/Comments in Document from DMS. The same have security feature for visibility to other users (used to define who should view the comment / annotation page level)
  • Merge documents
  • Scan - Inbuilt Scan utility with batch scan capability
  • Upload files by Drag and Drop
  • Upload/Download any files
Document Capture and Data Extraction
  • Used for customized document capture and data extraction solution. Convert PDFs or scanned documents to data in any format with fast and easy setup
  • Advanced image preprocessing options (deskewing, noise removal, removal of scanning artifacts, etc) guarantee superior OCR accuracy levels
  • Smart Layout Parsing Presets
  • Powerful Custom Parsing Rules
  • Extract Tabular Data
  • Smart Filters for Invoice Processing
  • Fast Processing
  • OCR Support for Scanned Documents
  • Barcode and QR-Code Detection
  • Layout Detection and Routing
  • Split Documents & Drop Pages
  • Download Your Parsed Data
  • Integrate with our API
  • Send Parsed Data to Hundreds of Apps
Document Indexing
  • Indexing of all documents with document Auto-Naming
  • Custom Automatic Document Numbering
  • Content recognition and indexing
  • Indexing Meta Data
  • Indexing all revisions
  • OCR in Arabic and English languages
  • Supports innumerable formats
  • Extendable meta data fields
  • Assign groups of custom index fields (text, numeric or date) called ‘Document Types’
Document Search
  • Simple, Safe and Powerful search across various criteria
  • Document content and meta data search
  • Advanced search on all document attributes
  • Scalable Document Search Engine
  • Advanced search option in English and Arabic for OCR enabled documents
  • Files can be filtered as per the keywords
  • Simple free search allows search across various criteria including text within document contents
  • Index, Metadata and Tags are used in searching
Document/Repository Processing
  • Create Repository based on Projects/Departments
  • Create Documents using Templates
  • Link Document to records in System
  • Link to ERP/ CRM system
  • Forward, Move, Share Documents
  • Send Documents as Email Attachment
  • Revise Documents
Document/Repository Security
  • User and Roles
  • Audit Trail that allow logging of every activity happening on a file or folder
  • Folder, Sub Folder and File (Add/Edit/View/Delete/Annotate etc. privileges)
  • Advanced Access rights
  • Encrypted Documents on file system
  • Indexing all revisions
  • Supports SSL
  • Log file is available for maintenance purpose