Wood Couture - Transforming HR Training with a Custom Intranet Portal for Wood Couture

At Webotix, we take pride in our ability to create innovative and tailored solutions to meet our clients' unique needs. Our recent collaboration with Wood Couture showcases how technology can streamline internal processes, enhance employee training, and reinforce brand identity. We developed a sophisticated intranet portal using SharePoint Online that not only met the client's requirements but also exceeded their expectations.

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    Furniture and Interior Design Industry

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    Intranet Portal

  • Completion

    May 2022

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Client Overview

Wood Couture, a renowned leader in the furniture and interior design industry, recognized the need to modernize their employee training processes. With a growing workforce and an emphasis on skill development, the HR department sought a comprehensive solution to manage, distribute, and track training courses for their employees. They approached Webotix to create a platform that would serve as an efficient training hub while aligning with their brand's aesthetic.

The Challenge

Wood Couture's HR team was manually managing training courses, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and a lack of centralized control. They needed a streamlined system that would automate course publishing, ensure course approval through a structured mechanism, and organize training resources efficiently. The challenge was not only to develop a robust system but also to ensure that it aligned seamlessly with Wood Couture's brand identity.


Our Solution

Webotix's team of experienced developers and designers embarked on creating a comprehensive SharePoint Online-based intranet portal that addressed Wood Couture's challenges effectively. The solution featured the following key components:


Course Publishing and Approval Mechanism

We developed a custom SharePoint list that allowed HR personnel to publish training courses easily. To maintain quality control, an approval mechanism was integrated, ensuring that courses met specified criteria before being published.


Document Library

Recognizing the importance of resource availability, we integrated a document library into the portal. This facilitated easy access to training materials, policy documents, and reference materials for employees undergoing training.


Custom Branding

Our design team meticulously adhered to Wood Couture's brand guidelines, creating a visually appealing interface that resonated with the company's identity. This customized branding extended to every aspect of the portal, reinforcing a consistent brand experience.


Mobile Responsiveness

With the modern workforce being increasingly mobile, we ensured that the entire intranet portal was mobile-responsive. Employees could access training materials and courses on various devices, promoting flexibility and accessibility.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the SharePoint-based intranet portal brought forth numerous benefits for Wood Couture.

Efficient Training

The portal automated course publishing and approval, reducing manual intervention and accelerating the dissemination of training materials.

Enhanced Tracking

HR could easily track employee engagement with training courses, enabling data-driven decisions for future training initiatives.

Centralized Resource Hub

The integrated document library ensured that all relevant training resources were readily available, minimizing confusion and improving knowledge retention.

Brand Consistency

The custom design aligned with Wood Couture's brand guidelines, fostering a sense of familiarity and belonging among employees using the portal.


Mobile responsiveness empowered employees to engage with training materials at their convenience, whether they were in the office or on the go.


Webotix's collaboration with Wood Couture resulted in the successful transformation of their HR training processes through a tailor-made SharePoint Online intranet portal. The project exemplified our commitment to innovative solutions, user-centric design, and seamless integration of technology to meet our client's business objectives. The portal now stands as a testament to how strategic technology implementation can revolutionize internal operations while maintaining brand integrity.

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