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Website Development

We develop custom digital solutions that bring to life our client's vision. We adopt emerging technology frameworks to help clients choose the right technology that aligns with their business goals. We build full-stack web applications that provide our clients with scalable solutions.

We work with clients to understand their digital goals before designing web architecture to ensure that the websites provide interaction avenues in the digital landscape. Our highly skilled team delivers responsive websites with an immersive user experience and high SEO ranking to take customer interaction to a new level.

Online Stores

We craft custom storefronts and digital solutions to create an e-commerce store that meets customer expectations and brings in conversion. We offer custom e-commerce solutions for all kinds of business models such as B2C, B2B, C2C and C2B.

We offer Seamless integration of third-party systems and applications to your storefront for enhanced functionalities to set up your e-commerce marketplace. Our custom e-commerce development solutions provide a solid foundation for success with a feature-loaded and user-friendly website that allows you to sell products across the globe.

Intranet Portal Development

With a comprehensive intranet portal, you can drive fast-paced engagement between employees, customers and stakeholders, which is critical for the success of your enterprise. We provide a full suite of intranet portal services ranging from consultancy to bespoke development and maintenance to project rescue.

Webotix intranet portal services facilitate enterprises to seamlessly engage with efficiency to achieve desired outcomes for the business. We provide best-in-class intranet portal solutions for diverse industry verticals to engage your workforce and generate greater productivity.

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We are the tech circular-name specialists of your business
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As a leading web design and web development company based in Dubai, we work with businesses and startups to lead the market by expanding your digital presence and increasing your customer base. We use the latest cutting-edge technology to maximize profitability with a higher conversion rate.

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Easy To Use

Our senior UI/UX experts conduct an intensive study on the process flow to design screens that are customized to the user’s daily jobs, job patterns and information required to meet all your customer’s needs.
The result will be a very easy-to-use application with all the requisite information at your fingertips to boost productivity.

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Webotix conducts a user interview and detailed research on the functionalities at the information-gathering stage. Based on the business requirements, we plan and suggest suitable designs and functionalities for your project.
The main objective is to ensure that we meet your unique business needs and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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We developed cutting-edge applications with high performance in UAE. With that experience, we deliver solid architecture design for your project to guarantee optimum speed for user engagement, data processing, search results and bulk data uploads.

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Scalability is a prerequisite we consider in our development methodology for projects. For all the applications, we strategize technical execution to build future module additions or customization based on your business growth. We also recommend our clients go on a scalable model to ensure usability and operational efficiency. Gradually, measuring the scope of further improvements, we upgrade technology features in the future phases.

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We develop an application with API readiness to support our client's requirements in integrating with legacy systems or third-party cloud solutions, specific for some business functions like campaign management, biometric integration, database integration etc.
Our team is well-versed in developing and integrating 3rd party APIs and providing a smooth integration.



Based on the organization’s requirements, we enhance the security mechanisms of the applications we develop. All our projects will have basic security measures for database security, Browser or Script security and Cloud security.
The advanced security mechanism required for implementation in high-risk secure infrastructure, government infrastructure, multifactor authentication etc., is applied based on the project requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your business process is standard without any system in place, or if you don’t have many users, standard software can get the job done. If your business process is evolving and complex with many users or multiple systems to integrate, a custom web application ensures seamless operations for your business. Also, the applications increase productivity as the existing work interface is simplified.
If you have many users and need to evolve the system eventually, custom web application development will be flexible as it costs less to add all employees. If you have many users, software solutions will be costly in terms of license fees, while the custom web application allows unlimited users. Therefore, all the employees can be included in the system.

If your process is evolving eventually, a custom web application will give you the flexibility to scale to any level and integrate existing systems. We will hand over the source code after the development, and the system will be your property, allowing you to plan and develop within your organization according to future requirements.

If there are many systems in your enterprise, integration with multiple solutions can be a challenge with software products, especially SAAS based. API integration usually requires a good level of understanding of the organization's technology stack requiring a personalized approach. Custom applications offer tailor-made solutions. Thus, ensuring a better project experience with less cost and successful implementation.

There are many advantages to opting for custom web development. Some of them are listed below.
  • Achieve all the required process flow.
  • Add any types of user roles and functionalities.
  • Increase ease in working of employees and enhance productivity
  • Integrate with any applications having APIs or database connectivity
  • Scale application in future to any level.
  • Implement custom security settings

Yes, if you have a cloud server, we could host the application on the server. We provide the required and minimum specifications for the cloud server and help you analyse your existing infrastructure if any.
Web applications can be hosted in an on-premises server and advanced infrastructure with high availability, firewalls, and load balancing.

It depends on your project requirement since it is a customized application. Cost also depends on the complexities of the process and the UI/UX of the application. For exact estimation, you can contact us at  with your features, and we will provide a detailed estimate free of cost.

A basic level of web application takes 1-2 months of development, while an advanced application with multiple integrations may take 2-4 months of development time.

After the implementation, our technical team will evaluate the performance of how your users are conveniently using the application. We will also research how to increase productivity and offer suggestions and plans. We ensure that you stay relaxed and focus on your business while we will take care of your technology challenges. During the AMC period, we will provide support based on the priority of the issue and will solve it without affecting your business.

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