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E Commerce Website Development
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Highly Experienced E-commerce Experts

Sell Products Online

70% of the customer in UAE like to buy things online. We will provide an E-commerce website for you to sell your products online by creating a wonderful online store for your customers to see the product details, easily search for the products, select the products they like and buy using their credit card or payment on delivery option.

Manage Orders Easily

Once the orders are placed, your team could see the order details from the backend. Orders will be linked with your inventory system, and you can easily pack the products based on customer preference.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

We could integrate your
E-commerce system with a courier company, and you could manage your orders delivered from the back-end system without any hassles. You could get the customer analytics and reports so that you can plan the product offerings based on your profitability and customer likeness.

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More Sales


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More Customer Satisfaction

Online retail is circular-name the only way to go!
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With people increasingly shopping online, it is the need of the hour to develop robust e-commerce website solutions to convert your visitors into customers.

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We develop highly robust, enterprise-level features that turn the most complex requests into simple user experiences. Our skilled Magento developers ensure that all the technical requirements of your business needs are met. We offer your customers an unforgettable user experience and generate leads to take your business to the next level.

We offer Magento e-commerce solutions to create sites for your business that are custom-fitted to all your business needs and objectives. Our Magento solutions integrate all the key requirements including multi-store facilities, a secured admin panel, multiple payment gateways, API integration and much more.

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We blend the best of WooCommerce functionalities and features to help unleash your true potential in the e-commerce space. We ensure that we deliver a happy shopping experience through faster speed, secured transactions and flexibility in payment. Our focus is on offering customized WooCommerce development services to your specific needs to drive engagement and sales for your business.

We offer varied WooCommerce solutions to turn your website into a full-fledged
e-commerce store. We enrich the online shopping experience for your customers with customized payment gateway integration, pricing, and cross-sell widgets along with the integration of Google Analytics to provide a high-quality online shopping experience.

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SAP Hybris

Improve user experience with seamless interface and transaction through SAP Hybris for e-commerce. Empower your
e-commerce website with customers’ expectations by providing interactive, engaging functionality. SAP Hybris provides the organizational capabilities to adapt to a faster shopping experience by providing a fully-integrated multi-channel panoramic view of customers and their orders.

We create an end-to-end platform that rates high on convenience and reliability by providing a personalized experience for all your customers who connect with you on your e-commerce site.

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OpenCart Development remains one of the most popular and effective PHP-based e-commerce solutions. With its straightforward, user-friendly, quick responses and the option to incorporate a wide variety of social features, it becomes easy to offer a premium online shopping experience. We have unparalleled expertise in providing PHP bases with MYSQL database & HTML elements.

Build a simple, easy-to-use and robust
e-commerce solution for your business with OpenCart. Some key features include easy set-up and loading while allowing management of multiple stores from a single admin panel.

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Shopify remains the fastest and most secure e-commerce development solution due to its efficient functionality and cost-effectiveness. We leverage the platform’s rich features to design, develop and optimize appealing e-commerce websites that yield high conversion rates. Shopify provides mobile readiness and multiple payment gateways.

We understand our client’s requirements to develop feature-rich, highly functional Shopify e-commerce websites. Shopify makes running your business easier with its incredible feature that helps you build a customized online store for your business.

Any concerns?

90% of the people in UAE have access to the internet, and they are used to making purchases from online stores. An eCommerce website will get more customers for your business and is more affordable with less investment when compared to setting up a brick and motor store. Your products and services will gain a global reach through an online store and will not require any branches.

There is no limit to the number of products you can add to your eCommerce store with some platforms like Magento and Woo Commerce. But if you are going forward with Shopify, there is a limitation in the number of products depending upon your license plan. Another factor is the performance of the site. Your website requires a server with good configuration if you want to add more products. Or else the performance of the website will affect your business.

In fact, both these will go hand in hand. An online store is like an online branch for your business. The advantage of an Online store over a brick-and-mortar store is you will get real-time reports of your sales ad inventory in your figure tips and your store remains open 24/7. With very minimum resources you could start your online store in Dubai.

We develop eCommerce websites in UAE in Magento, Woo Commerce and Shopify Platforms. There are no license fees for the community version of Magento, Woo Commerce Free version. You need to arrange a server to host the website, while Shopify is a paid platform where you can get hosting as part of the license fees.

There is no doubt that Amazon and Noon are great platforms to connect with more customers to improve your business. If you have a good product line and the means to set up your own online store, opting for an eCommerce store is the best option. You can save the amount spent on the percentage of commissions and charges on these platforms. Also, if you want to showcase your products in a customized manner and provide a unique customer buying experience, your personalized online store is a better option.
If you want an identity for your brand or business house, then your own online store is much needed.

Setting up an online store depends upon various factors. Among them, the first thing to decide is which platform you are opting for (Magento, Woo Commerce or Shopify). In Shopify, the development efforts are less, and the customization is limited, making it very affordable. But you need to pay monthly platform fees and certain percentage transaction charges for every sale. Here the cost will be our one-time configuration fee and Shopify fees monthly. If you are going with Woo Commerce the development cost is average, and we can select a suitable theme and integrate the required plugins based on your requirement. Here the cost will be our configuration fees, theme and plugin cost and server/hosting charges. If you are going with Magento, which is a very advanced and highly customizable platform for serious eCommerce business, the cost will be considerably high. Here the cost will be our development charges, Theme and plugin cost and high-end server/ hosting charges. If you have more products and expect a high volume of sales, then Magneto will be a good choice. Please send your requirement to info@webotix.ae, and our team will study them and get back to you with detailed suggestions and estimations free of cost.

We will integrate a payment gateway into your online store. These are 3rd party services to collect payment securely from customers' bank cards and transfer them to your bank account. For this service, these payment gateways will charge transaction fees. We could help you select the best payment gateway suitable for the volume of transactions, region, and currency based on your customers.

You don’t need a delivery team or warehouse to operate an online business and get more sales. Many 3rd party delivery companies can directly connect the system to your online store. So, when there is an order, it will automatically schedule pick-up once items are ready from your end. They will deliver the product to customers while providing a full status report and movement tracking.
An online store is a virtual store, so you don’t need to keep your items at the warehouse itself. If you only have a retail store or are sourcing from another supplier, you can standardize the packaging, route the delivery company to them and pick the products. In this way, you could generate more business online.

Setting up an online store / eCommerce business in UAE requires a trade license, and you can get it at a very reasonable cost. Selection of theme, Development of the website and product adding can be completed in 1 month. If your website needs custom design and requires some ERP or CRM integration, it may extend up to 2 months.

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