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Concept Website Designs

We offer Concept Website Designs in UAE based on your brand elements, audience and persona of your brand. Every component is customized by highly talented and hand-picked designers.

Our designs will deliver a fantastic visitor experience, and we are ready to provide the best outcome for our clients in today’s competitive environment.

Corporate Website Design

With our mobile-first approach, we develop professional-looking corporate websites that enhance your business's brand value and add value to your business.

As a leading Corporate Web Design Company in Dubai, our highly skilled team will research your customer segment, product and services to design responsive websites for your users.

Crypto Theme websites Design

We design creative Crypto theme websites with cool animation effects. Crypto websites are mostly dark themes with vibrant colors. We also create unique and hand-drawn illustrations as your coin's identity.

We have talented and experienced front-end developers in Dubai who can get the best quality transition elements to make you stand out from the rest.

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We craft unique, compelling websites based on your brand, business model, products, services and, most importantly, your target markets. The initial step of the project is to do a requirement analysis, and based on that, we add value to your website by enhancing the UI/UX of your website.

As the best Corporate web design company in Dubai, we provide an immersive experience for users with intuitive navigation and site architecture to ensure your brand gets a website that captures its true essence.

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We develop suitable backend systems based on the features to power the functionality of your website. The result will be a sleek, cutting-edge website for your brand to stand out from the rest and impress your customers with a customized responsive design.

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Custom Elements

We have an experienced team of creative professionals who deliver customized innovative elements suitable for your brand. Our commitment is to develop a website that aligns with your business objectives and inspires trust among your customers.

Theme Selection icon

Theme Selection

If your budget is low, we will provide a cost-effective custom web design with a premium theme that perfectly matches your business goals. Our team has the hands-on experience to select the best website theme to build engaging and affordable websites for your business to grow online.

User Experience Design icon

User Experience Design

UI/UX is drafted before the design stage to develop the best possibilities and techniques to provide maximum satisfaction for the end users. Our team of web designers and software developers gain an understanding of your business and technology requirements to create efficient websites. We craft the most optimal strategy that aligns with your users' interests, business and technology before developing your website design.

Security & Compliance icon

Security & Compliance

Webotix is a leading provider of Concept Website Designs in the UAE. We address all the security and compliance measures to protect your information and ensure that you are up to par from a compliance standpoint.

Brand Guidelines icon

Brand Guidelines

The next step is to design a professional website based on the brand guidelines. We select the best color combinations to create a cohesive design for the components of your website. Building your online brand identity is in capable hands with Webotix web design services.

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Responsive Design

All the websites designed at Webotix come with responsive layouts. Based on the user research done in the initial stage, we understand whether the project needs a mobile-first approach or not. If the website is going to be used by your customers predominantly via mobile, we provide the mobile design before delivering the web version.

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If your website content requires updating regularly, we will develop a dynamic website with a backend content management system. You can easily update new content on your website without any technical knowledge. We have experience in creating custom CMS, Umbraco, and WordPress. We develop enterprise CMS like Kentico CMS and Sitecore CMS for high-end government and corporate projects.

Some Questions may come to your mind.

We develop both static and dynamic websites based on your requirements and budget. A dynamic website is required if your website needs regular content updating. If your website needs an update occasionally, we could provide that update by editing the HTML code ourselves. We have an Annual Maintenance Contract in place for service support.

We can decide the number of pages at the time of the contract. Technically we could create any number of pages from the CMS if you are not using Umbraco or WordPress CMS. The new pages will be a copy of the existing page layout, and we could change the content. If the design needs to be in a different layout, the requirement will go into the change request category and be billed extra.

We have a wide range of website design and development services in Dubai based on your budget. You can easily select the required features and functionalities. Revealing your budget at the proposal stage will get you the optimum features per your requirement and save much of our time in re-estimation and revision of the proposal.

Typically, a functional website can be completed in 3-4 weeks, provided all the features are decided in the initial stage. If the project is big involving 20-30 pages, the development time could take up to 3 months.

No, we won’t provide content for the website. Content is the responsibility of the client. As you know your business and services more, you can deal first-hand with the information content and based on that we will design the website for your business in Dubai, UAE.

Yes, we provide royalty-free, high-quality images. However, if the required specific images are not free, the client should furnish the necessary pictures for the website.

Our website design and development include basic On-Page SEO-friendly components in the code along with page structure. It also comprises Meta Titles, Robot.TXT, and Meta Descriptions, at the code level. To improve website performance, we optimize all images and videos on the website. We develop a customized long-time SEO strategy to list your website on top of search engines. Our SEO team is highly experienced and delivers amazing SERP results. SEO marketing strategy is considered a separate project.

We streamline your business process by integrating your CRM and ERP with your website. We customize the tools with your website to seamlessly function the business processes.

Depending on the project requirements, we select the technology. The basic website will be developed in HTML5 and CSS3. For a better performance-oriented website, we use Angular.JS or React. JS. For highly design-oriented websites with better animations and transitions, we use SAAS-based HTML design. We also do WordPress websites if your budget is low.

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