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At Webotix, we're committed to creating exceptional digital experiences that enhance businesses' online presence. Our collaboration with Amwal Exchange is a prime example of how a custom website design, tailored to reflect brand identity, can elevate the user experience and introduce innovative features to the financial industry. With a modern, animated design and specialized functionalities such as a live currency rate widget, we transformed Amwal Exchange's website into a dynamic platform that caters to the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

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    Currency Exchange Sector

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    May 2022

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Client Overview

Amwal Exchange, a leading player in the currency exchange sector, recognized the importance of a robust online presence that aligned seamlessly with their brand and offered cutting-edge features to their customers. Committed to delivering excellent financial services, they turned to Webotix to create a website that not only showcased their expertise but also provided a user-friendly and informative experience.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a website that not only adhered to Amwal Exchange's branding guidelines but also introduced unique features to the financial services industry. The website needed to be modern, engaging, and visually appealing, with animations that captured the essence of financial dynamism. Specialized features such as a live currency rate widget and services pages tailored to the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector were crucial to delivering a comprehensive and informative experience.


Our Solution

Webotix's collaboration with Amwal Exchange resulted in a website that effectively addressed the company's objectives:


Custom Modern Design

Our design team created a custom website design that incorporated the brand's colors and theme while embracing modern design trends.


Engaging Animations

The website featured animations that added a dynamic touch, capturing the attention of visitors and conveying a sense of financial movement.


Live Currency Rate Widget

A live currency rate widget was implemented, providing visitors with real-time exchange rate information, enhancing the website's utility for currency exchange.


Specialized Services Pages

Services pages were tailored to the BFSI sector, providing relevant and informative content that resonated with the industry.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Webotix and Amwal Exchange yielded significant benefits.

Enhanced User Engagement

The modern design and engaging animations captured visitors' attention, making the website more appealing and dynamic.

Unique Currency Exchange Features

The live currency rate widget introduced a valuable tool for visitors looking for real-time exchange rate information.

Informative BFSI Content

Specialized services pages tailored to the BFSI sector provided valuable information and instilled confidence in potential customers.

Brand Consistency

The custom design ensured that the website aligned perfectly with Amwal Exchange's brand identity, reinforcing brand recognition.


Webotix's collaboration with Amwal Exchange resulted in a dynamic website that effectively represented their brand identity while introducing innovative features to the financial services industry. This project showcases the power of marrying modern design with specialized functionalities to create a digital platform that captures attention, engages users, and provides valuable financial information. It stands as a testament to how technology and creativity can elevate a company's online presence and resonate with its target audience effectively.

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