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At Webotix, we specialize in creating digital solutions that not only reflect a brand's identity but also provide exceptional user experiences. Our collaboration with Cleanpro is a testament to how a custom website, aligned with branding guidelines, can effectively communicate a range of services, streamline customer inquiries, and enhance online visibility. Through advanced features such as location-based enquiry forms and an easy-to-use CMS, we empowered Cleanpro to showcase their services, engage with customers, and maintain a fresh online presence.

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    Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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  • Completion

    May 2022

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Client Overview

Cleanpro, a prominent cleaning and maintenance services company, recognized the importance of a robust online presence that mirrored their brand and effectively communicated their wide range of services. Committed to delivering excellence, they partnered with Webotix to develop a website that not only showcased their services but also offered a seamless experience for both residential and corporate customers.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a website that aligned with Cleanpro's branding guidelines while effectively presenting their array of cleaning and maintenance services. The website needed to offer advanced functionality, including an enquiry form that captured customer locations, supported location pinning on a map, and collected inquiries from both household and corporate customers. Additionally, the website required a news and blog section and had to be fully optimized for search engines (SEO). An easy-to-use content management system (CMS) was crucial to enable regular content updates.


Our Solution

Webotix's collaboration with Cleanpro resulted in a comprehensive digital platform that addressed the company's objectives:


Custom Design and Brand Adherence

Our design team created a custom website that adhered to Cleanpro's branding guidelines, ensuring consistency and brand recognition.


Advanced Enquiry Form

An advanced customer enquiry form was implemented, capturing customer locations and allowing location pinning on a map. It accommodated enquiries from both residential and corporate customers.


Service Explanation

Various types of services offered by Cleanpro were well-explained on the website, providing visitors with a clear understanding of their offerings.


News and Blog Sections

The website included dedicated sections for news and blogs, providing valuable resources and updates to visitors.


SEO Optimization

The website was fully optimized for search engines, improving its visibility and rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).


Easy-to-Use CMS

An intuitive CMS enabled Cleanpro to update and manage website content easily and regularly, ensuring that the website remained fresh and relevant.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Webotix and Cleanpro yielded significant benefits.

Brand Consistency

The custom design and brand-aligned elements effectively represented Cleanpro's identity, fostering brand recognition.

Advanced Functionality

The advanced enquiry form with location capturing and mapping features streamlined customer inquiries for both residential and corporate clients.

Comprehensive Service Display

The website effectively communicated Cleanpro's wide range of cleaning and maintenance services.

Informative Content

The inclusion of news and blog sections enriched the website's value by providing informative content to visitors.

SEO Visibility

SEO optimization improved the website's visibility and search engine rankings.

Effortless Content Management

The user-friendly CMS simplified content updates, ensuring the website remained up-to-date.


Webotix's collaboration with Cleanpro resulted in a custom website that effectively showcased their services, engaged with customers, and maintained a fresh online presence. This project highlights the power of combining advanced functionality with custom design to create a digital platform that captures attention, streamlines inquiries, and enhances online visibility. It stands as a testament to how technology and design can elevate a company's online presence and resonate with its target audience effectively.

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