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We specialised in creating tech-savvy and user-friendly mobile apps that seamlessly function on various platforms to transform your business.

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Customer Apps

Mobile apps for your customers based on your business to subscribe for service, view services, submit forms, upload documents, get status updates, do payments, locate branch details, enable GPS locations, Notifications, Alerts and personalized messages.

We will design your app based on the requirement and develop the required features and functionalities.

Internal Apps

We could develop an app for your employees or stakeholders to do self-service, submit a specific request like a leave request, get status updates from your existing system, track the employees, generate invoices, collect a payment, take images and attach to the mobile apps.

This can be integrated with your existing ERP, CRM, CMS or HRMS.

E-commerce Apps

For E-commerce business we can develop the app and integrate with your E-commerce platforms like Magento, Woo Commerce, Shopify or custom platforms. Customers could order from your apps and they can track the orders and pin the location from the app.

We will integrate the app with your platforms using available APIs.



Mobile Experience




Business Impact

Creating circular-name everyday apps to boost your company’s growth.

We engineer compelling user experiences to leverage the unique features of mobiles by using a wide range of languages, frameworks and capabilities. We help businesses achieve their scaling and innovation goals through easy-to-use and appealing mobile apps that align with your business strategy.

As a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we offer end-to-end mobile application development experience – from road mapping, designing and developing to launching an innovative app to place your business on the fast track of growth.

iOS Apps

iOS Apps

Webotix has an extensive experience in iOS app development. Our team of designers are skilled in developing a seamless iOS system through diverse technologies like Xcode, Cocoa Touch Framework, PhoneGap, Objective C and iOS Simulators. We excel in bringing your vision to life through a well-defined process to deliver fully functional iOS apps for different industry verticals.

Android Apps

Android Apps

We design and deliver highly interactive, easy-to-use customized Android apps using Android, SDK, JDK, JSP and SQLite. We ensure the highest degree of app scalability, performance and security by offering end-to-end Android app development. We deliver a futuristic user experience to keep you ahead of the competition.

Flutter App

Flutter App

We deliver Flutter-based cross-platform mobile applications to build next-generation apps to enhance your business growth. With its distinctive and highly stable mobile UI architecture, it is possible to build an app that provides users with a fantastic experience. Our native app developers can build sophisticated iOS and Android applications using the Flutter platform. We develop customized widgets to sustain native features.

React Native App

React Native App

We develop user-friendly, exciting mobile apps with the help of JavaScript to upgrade your software development technologies to an all-new level. Our React Native Development team works to create affordable software solutions that deliver high-performing cross-platform apps for IOS and Android platforms. With our Reach Native Developers, you are assured of a superlative user interface which is compatible with multiple platforms.

Hybrid App

Hybrid App

A hybrid mobile app can be deployed across multiple platforms, making them a cost-effective and efficient solution for different platforms. Our hybrid app experts offer end-to-end Hybrid app development services picking the best cross-platform framework that aligns with your business requirements. We blend the best and native apps to create a hybrid app that works well in the long run and performs well for its users.

Native App

Native App

We build customized native apps specific to a single platform like Objective-C or Swift for iOS and languages like Java or Kotlin for Android. Our Native app Developers provide fast development solutions with smooth performance to provide innovative solutions to empower your business.

Xamarin Apps

Xamarin Apps

We offer a cross-platform mobile development framework to provide high-quality mobile solutions with Xamarin. Our developers create robust and power-packed solutions by developing Native Android, iOS, and Windows apps, with native user interfaces. Webotix offers the best Xamarin app development solutions that accomplish your business growth strategy.

Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Our goal is to provide an unmatched user experience to the end user by combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. We offer interfaces with zero distraction and simplicity to provide user-friendly customized digital solutions. Our team of developers ensure that your business app incorporates all your business requirements with appealing functionality.

Mobile e-commerce Apps

Mobile e-commerce Apps

We create highly interactive e-Commerce apps to improve your business, a startup, or small, medium & large-scale businesses. Turn your business into a highly profitable venture with a personalized app that connects with your customers effectively. We provide customized solutions for all your unique requirements with immediate loading along with easy & quick navigation.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs combine the advantages of traditional browser experience and mobile app experience to provide an innovative viewing experience. In essence, it is a website that looks and behaves like an app. We deliver user-centric, engaging, and reliable PWA solutions for iOS and Android. We guarantee fast-loading PWA solutions that will revolutionize your business growth.

Some Questions may come to your mind

We can select Mobile App technology/platform based on your business requirement. We develop both native apps and hybrid apps. Native Apps involve separate development for iPhone and Android. For a hybrid app, we develop an app and then convert it into both IOS and Android. If your app needs to show lots of high-resolution images or load more data and needs to use mobile-specific functionalities, then native mobile apps are the best. If performance is not an issue and a lot of development and maintenance effort is a concern, it's better to go for a hybrid mobile app.

If you want your customers to engage with your business by checking your status and updates, then a mobile app for your business is a good option. If your users do not need to engage with your services very rarely, then a responsive website is enough. If you are an eCommerce company, then a Progressive Web application (PWA) also could replace an app development.

Mobile App Development in Abu Dhabi depends on the features and functionalities of the app. You also need to consider the integration of the app with the back end in addition to app testing. A normal IOS mobile app and Android Mobile App will take one to two months to develop, while complex apps with more features take two to four months.

Yes. If you need, we can publish in our apple store and Google Play Store account for free.

Yes. We need to check and update the apps based on new Android and IOS version upgrades. If you are not maintaining your mobile apps for a long time period, app versions may become obsolete. In such cases, you need to build a new app to function well with the latest OS versions.

Yes. If the API for connectivity is readily available with the ERP, CRM or 3rd party systems, we can definitely integrate. If not, we can help you develop API for your ERP, CRM or 3rd party systems and integrate it with the mobile apps in Ajman / Ras Al Khaimah.

Native apps are developed separately for Android and IOS. We use Java for the development of Android native Apps and XCode or Swift for developing iPhone Native Apps. Hybrid Apps are developed singularly, and we convert that code to Android Mobile apps and iPhone Mobile Apps. This results in two apps from one development which is very cost-effective compared to native apps development. We develop hybrid apps using the latest and trending technologies like Flutter from Google and Xamarin from Microsoft.

If your users often need to engage with you, check your status frequently, and update documents, you should develop a mobile app for business. When your users engage with your services one time only or very rarely, a responsive website will be fine. If you are an eCommerce company, then a Progressive Web application (PWA) also could replace an app development.

It depends on the requirement, functionalities and features you want in your mobile apps. Also, development cost varies if you have 3rd party integrations like CRM, ERP, eCommerce platforms etc. Some integrations are easy, and some are very hard to achieve. Please post your requirements to us, and our technical team will evaluate and give you a free estimate.
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