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Webotix is the best company in Dubai, UAE for providing WhatsApp for Business API Integration.

WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool. It has become widely popular due to its simplicity. Apart from using it for personal communication, you can use WhatsApp for your business in various ways. Its cost effective and you can get started quickly.

What special Webotix can offer you?

Being able to provide the key word-based customer interactions, we can also provide you the real Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Integration with Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Ratherthan typing akeyword which will limit the customer engagement, your customers can communicate in Natural Language. It can handle from general FAQ’s to even banking transactions integrated with core banking system. Your Ai powered WhatsApp channel can then handle all queries like a virtual agent and be able to provision the service there itself. The multilingual Ai engine will take care of your customer needs in the language they need to do.

What Webotix can offer you in WhatsApp for Business API Integration

Webotix is working with our prestigious corporate and government clients in UAE for integrating WhatsApp for business API’s with their existing ERP, CRM and third-partyapplications. We can also integrate Artificial Intelligent bot engine to provide natural language conversation with your customers and thus enabling that as a full-fledged channel for providing your transaction services as well. Customer Onboarding have never been such easy and can get the details in a conversation manner and they could upload the required documents.

Solution Overview: 2 - Way Communication

WhatsApp API
Why Webotix to provide WhatsApp for Business API Integration

Webotix is a leading web and mobile development company in UAE providing enhanced customer engagement platforms like Artificial Intelligence chatbots, Actionable Instant Messager services. We can able to provide a complete customer engagement solution in all your web/ mobile channels as well as your social media channels. We will help you build your end to end customer engagement strategy and build a system which can handle small talks, FAQ, and transactions seamlessly over all channels including WhatsApp. By dealing with Webotix you can avoid the pain of going with multiple vendors for providing each part of your customer engagement, be it a campaign or a transaction.

Use Cases

Customers can ask any questions in Natural Language and get instant answers based on the information’s provided in the website. System will automatically train when you just enter the URL and press train button. It’s that easy.

Status Updates

Customers can get the status update of their product or service delivery by checking via WhatsApp in a natural language way. They can also input additional details or upload documents.


Customers can receive notifications from their WhatsApp messenger and can engage further than a normal SMS/Email transaction messages. System could prompt them for next level of services based on the past data like a human agent.

Customer On boarding

By a Natural Language conversation manner, you can onboard customers by asking questions. Customers will feel like they are served personally. Customer can easily upload documents and files which makes them happy.

Transaction Services

Customers can apply for the services or book a product from WhatsApp. By integrating with your ERP, POS or CRM, we can provide a predictive engagement based on the previous purchase behavior.


Marketing campaigns cannot be this much effective in another channel where your message is directly into the most used app in the potential customer’s mobile phones.